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lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017


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Edvard Grieg (1843–1907) was a nationalistic Norwegian composer who was born in the small city of Bergen

However, he trained in Germany, resided in Rome and did various tours of Europe. His aim was to write classical music that reflected traditional Norwegian roots, and to this end he collected melodies and rhythms from the shepherds and peasants of his home land.


The work:

Peer Gynt suite was composed for a play of the same name by Henrik Ibsen. It is usually performed as two orchestral suites.
The suite musical form consists of various instrumental pieces which form a coherent whole in some way. Peer Gynt suite narrates the fictional story of a Norwegian hero of the same name – the young adventurous and rather shameless rogue (granuja) who is the main character of the work.

The plot is essentially nationalistic: after a series of affairs and romantic disillusionments and following the death of his mother, the young protagonist decides to leave his homeland and to explore exotic countries. But in the end he decides to come home, where he finds his beloved
waiting for him, and where his restless soul finally finds peace.

‘Morning Mood’, the piece which opens the suite, is one of the most famous parts.