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lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2018

Christmas around the world

Christmas is not celebrated in the same way in every corner of the planet.
Would you encourage yourself to map the customs and Christmas traditions existing in the world? 
Let's go there!
From the next proposal, you  will investigate the Christmas customs in different parts of the planet, to geolocate them on a map that will materialize among all.

1. Investigate customs and Christmas traditions in different countries of the world.
2. Know the possibilities that offers geolocation virtual, through
online tools intended for it (in the case of opting for Google Maps).
3. Manage work in team among equals, to reach the goal of
materialize a project common.

Development of the activity:

We are going to carry out an investigation on how Christmas is celebrated in other countries, in order to be able to build our own 'Map of Christmas customs and traditions around the world'. Next, we will organize the different tasks that must be carried out (individually,  in pairs or by groups of three people).

Step 1: You have  to look for information on the subject, both via internet, as through other documentary sources. We can make an allocation of countries or zones . 
My  proposal would be, :

1-Name of the country or region or Continent.
2-Population number.
3- Christmas customs (differentiating here between cultural, gastronomic, etc.).
4- Pictures representative of the exposed information 
5 Musical instruments

Step 2: We will allocate some time to share the results and distribute among the students the countries that each of them will be responsible for when dumping the information on the map (physical or virtual), so that information is not repeated.

Note: If we opt for Google Maps, once countries are assigned, you have to look for  on tutorials for the creation of maps with this resource, and we will put in common the results of the creation procedure, to dispel doubts and assign tasks necessary to be carried out to materialize our project.

Step 3: Following the steps (marked by the tutorial in the case of opting for Google Maps, or building your cards and hooking them on the map of the printed mural you  have at their disposal),
you will create said map, providing the information corresponding to the country or countries that you  have been  assigned.

Final phase:

Once the map generated among all has been materialized and revised, we will organize a session, so that our students can carry out a presentation (using the projector in the case of Google Maps), the final result of their investigations.
Present the map (even, if you have opted for Google Maps, you can stop to explain details step by step that has involved organizing information until you complete and finalize your on-line map).
In this presentation, each of you will comment on the point or points of the map assigned to you and will explain in detail the Christmas customs and traditions of that country or region that has investigated.