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miércoles, 31 de enero de 2018


¿Qué es el rap?
El rap es el estilo musical ligado a la cultura hip hop, una cultura urbana cuya manifestación visual es el graffiti y que actualmente se extiende por todo el mundo.
El rap se puede definir como una especie de canto hablado o como poemas recitados al ritmo de una melodía, por eso en el rap no se suele hablar de canciones sino de rimas. En el rap hay dos componentes: el MC (Master of Ceremony) que es quien aporta la rima y el DJ (Disc Jockey) que es quien pone la música. La melodía en el rap no es lo fundamental, ésta está al servicio de la expresividad. Las letras a menudo cumplen una función social: informar, denunciar, concienciar…

Graffiti in Vizcaya

What is the rap?

Rap is the musical style linked to the hip hop culture, an urban culture  whose visual manifestation is graffiti and which currently extends throughout the world.
The rap can be defined as a kind of spoken song or as a recited poems with the rhythm of a melody.
In rap does not usually talk about sonngs but rhymes .
In rap there are 2 components: The MC(Master of Ceremony) who brings the rhyme and the DJ(Disc Jockey) who plays the music.
The melody in rap is not the importance thing , the lyrics are really important, often fulfill a social function: inform, report,raise awareness....

Look at the examples:


The next  video was created and written by young people, aged between 15-18, who attend the weekly ‘Rap, Songwriting & Beats’ group, every Tuesday  in The Hut. 

Young people in this group received information from a number of drug & alcohol workshops that where delivered by the streets, and deceided to educate their peers(pares) about the dangers of drug abuse.

The next song was created by members of GMCBeats( Garry McCarthy)( rap workshops and Webwise Ireland to celebrate Safer Internet Day. 

Online safety is really important for everyone who uses the internet so listen to the song and do the exercises to make sure you stay safe online. 

  Click the link and follow instructions before watching the video:

 In groups of 4 invent a rap and performance in front of the class.
Follow the steps:
1- Think in a theme to speak about it: Racism, Pollution, Bullying, Education,Drugs Awareness,Discrimination,Sexism etc
2-Write it in a piece of paper
3-Try to say it into  the music.Follow the rhythm

Here we can watch and listen to: Haizea, Silvia, Ainara y Tamara:

"Hey , are you listening to me?
I want to tell you something important
The education is an occasion to make reations
Yeah!!! very well
Mathematics hasn't got interesting thematic
Language engage you
Gymnastics, you have to do alot of things
The education is an occasion to make reations
In music we are doing rap to enjoy the class
To finish don't forget
We are doing this to enjoy with you
Yeah!! very well

Another group: Yermayori,Haizea,Ainara,Cristina and María

"The drugs, the drugs  are bad,
The drugs , the drugs , the drugs are horrible
Because once you start,
you won't stop
Exit? The exit is a difficult option
Cause doesn't have any solution
But if you don't start
You won't need them ever
So, change your mind
And be responsible
"The drugs are bad,
"The drugs, the drugs  are bad,
The drugs , the drugs , the drugs are bad

Congratulations to all of you. Well done!