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domingo, 21 de enero de 2018



Imagine - last week, you were to watch an opera performance with your teacher. 
What opera did you see? Choose one Opera from the page 79, if you want choose another different , you can , then search for information about your opera and make up an amazing story! 150 words

(Imagínate  que la semana pasada fuimos  a ver una ópera , escoge la obra de la página 79 del libro , si quieres escoger otra puedes hacerlo,después ,infórmate sobre ella y en base a eso y empleando vocabulario del tema pues imagina cómo habría sido tu experiencia de la forma más entretenida.)

Useful vocabulary:
- Costume - a set of clothes in a style typical of a particular country or historical period

- Stage - a platform on which actors, entertainers, or speakers perform.

- Recitative  Speech like singing. The singer semi chants the words, like free rhythm of speech.

- Aria  A big song where the singer reveals her feelings and shows of her voice.

- Chorus /choir  A fairly large company of singers who perform together, usually in parts

- Duet - A composition to be performed by two musicians

- Ensemble - A group of musicians that perform as a unit

- Perform - it is the realization of a composition or in other words to "play" music with one or more musicians.

Here you have the example of Maria ,an student:

Two weeks ago my music teacher said to as : we are going to see an opera . I thought that it was going to be very boring.Before go to the opera I decided to read the libretto to have more information about the opera that we were going to see. The opera was Agrippina by George Fridedrich Händel. The libretto was written by Vincenzo Grimani. The opera was premiered at the Teatro San Giovanni Grisostomo Venice the 26 of december. Agrippina is an opera seria in three acts the opera tells the story of Agrippina, the mother of Nero. 

The day of the excursion ,Olga said to as that this opera was one of the best operas of Handel.When we arrived to the theatre was not open so we had to wait.Then my music teacher told us something more about the opera.When finally we entered to the theater the stage was amazing. 

The opera began . In the first act Agrippina though that her husband was died and she tried to secure the throne for Nero her son by a previous marriage.But really her husband wasn't died because Otho saved him.And and the rest didn't know it because the characters were singing in a strange language.
The second act was very boring because I didn't understand it but the costumes were very nice .When the second act finished my teacher said that the opera was recitative. 
The third act started.We were very boring but was the last act and we saw it. In this act Claudius announces that Nero and Poppaea will marry, and that Otho shall have the throne. No one is satisfied with this arrangement, as their desires have all changed, so Claudius in a spirit of reconciliation reverses his judgement, giving Poppaea to Otho and the throne to Nero. He then summons the goddess Juno, who descends to pronounce a general blessing . 

The opera finished . It wasn't as bad as we thought .Finally we had a good time seeing the opera of Händel.